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29 January 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Things I hate about my therapist  
In order of least annoying to most.


-He wants me to be 'the best I can', which apparently means 'do what everyone else does'

-He talks more than I do. Who is paying whom here?!

-He says the same things every time. I hear the same stories every week. I'm not even exagerating.

-"One in 10,000 black kids get in the NBA".
That's why I won't get published. Ever. Because a) ALL black kids play basketball and want to be in the NBA, b) basketball and writing are the same thing...cause you know there aren't tons more writers than basketball players or anything, and c) because the odds for being a published author aren't MUCH better.

-He forces his religon on me.
"God is the bow and parents are the string and you are the arrow", "You have to have a balance of God, family, friends, and work.", "Original sin", etc. I've heavily implied that I'm no longer a Christain, but he's got his head in his butt.

-He says I live in a 'fantasy world'
I can't even tell you how angry this makes me. Yep, I'm just blissfully unaware of my sister's cancer, my mom's stress, my dad's heart problems, my own huge shortcomings, my best friend's annoying family, my grandad's alzheimer's, my aunt and uncle getting a divorce, etc. Nothing bad happens in my life or in the world at all! *skips away happily*

-And the number one thing...
I trusted him with my story. Just one. It wasn't my best, but I still like it. What did he do, you ask? Read it, talk to me about, ask about the characters and my inspiration and if anything was based off real life? Nope! He read it to people. He read it first to a group of psychiarists who he discusses my 'case' with on a regular basis, then a friend who, before he read the story to, thought I was 'not very smart', then a writer friend of his. He never asked for permission or asked if it was okay. And I haven't told him because I'm a sissy.

So what do you think? Am I justified at being mad for these things?
Current Mood: angryangry